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Adolescents, youth and parents’ mental health during the pandemic

It is great that WHO and many countries are finally doing surveys and presenting data on mental health during the covid-19 pandemic. Canada is one of those countries and has a history of accompanying its population’s mental health through regular surveys for the past 40 years. In general, they show that moderate to severe anxiety, […]

The emotional-support animals of our everyday lives

For the purpose of comprehension, in this text, I’m calling animals the non-human ones. Also, I am not using emotional-support animals as the term designated by law and regulations. I find this expression interesting if regarded in a broader sense since researches have shown how bonding among humans and animals presents a strong emotional aspect, […]

Chronic illnesses and mental health during the pandemic year

This year has been especially difficult for those with chronic illnesses. These are diseases that do not represent an immediate risk to life, but bring significant damage to everyday life and can lead to death in the medium and long term. I am referring, for example, to autoimmune diseases and chronic mental health disorders – […]

Stress, mental health and autoimmunity

Stress is an umbrella term that has been quite used in a scientific context but not only. We all know what stress concerns, mainly in its negative sense. But do we really understand how it is fundamental in the processes of becoming ill or healthy? Scientifically speaking, stress is a non-specific response of the body […]

Keeping your mental health during political turmoil – Part Two

*This text was written in partnership with Melissa Marsden, M.Ed. and Change Facilitator in the UK Continuing Part One, with this text we try to bring some more thoughts and practical suggestions for you to keep your mental health during these political tensions in Brazil but not only. Recent political events worldwide call our attention […]

Keeping your mental health during political turmoil – Part One

*This text was written in partnership with Melissa Marsden, M.Ed. and Change Facilitator in the UK Many of you have noticed the ambience of polarization within politics that has been strengthening over the last couple of years. We are witnessing an increase of extremist political views being proclaimed and broadcast on the web from all […]

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